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Old North State | NC Enamel Camper Mug

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Red, White, and Bear, in a cup

The red, white, and blue of the Old North State flag flying proudly on the silhouette of a black bear, the only bear species found in NC. A great combination of North Carolina, Asheville, and Blue Ridge Mountain pride. Our eco-friendly camping mug is made of high quality steel with enamel coating and works great for both hot and cold beverages. Raise your cup and make a toast to our favorite state!

"...Here’s to the land where the galax grows,
Where the rhododendron’s rosette glows,
Where soars Mount Mitchell’s summit great,
In the “Land of the Sky,” in the Old North State!

Here’s to the land where maidens* are fair,
Where friends are true and cold hearts rare,
The near land, the dear land, whatever fate,
The blest land, the best land, the Old North State!"

(State Toast, Martin and Kerr, 1957)


  • 12oz
  • High quality steel enamel coating
  • Hand wash only
  • Not microwave safe 
  • Designed in NC
  • Made in China